ROCK FOR MS 5 - Crusade For A Cure
Sat. Nov. 11 2017
Charles Hotel North Perth

Rock For MS and proud partners, 96FM bring you the annual Rock For MS / Rock Against MS concert which is being held on Remembrance Day evening, Saturday November 11 at The Charles Hotel.

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Rock For MS 5 is set to be another fantastic event to raise funds for MSWA this year with Raffle and Door Prizes and features these Stars and Legends of the WA music industry:

GAZMAN’S CROWN JEWELS This collective of WA music legends renowned for their fun, energy and musicality have come together to deliver a first class performance of Classic Rock Hits from bands including Thin Lizzy, Robin Trower, ZZ Top, Hendrix, Angels and more.
Featuring Gazman Campbell (Over The Top/ ex Siren), Paul Cush (Proud Mary), Tyler Crosbie, Karina Cass, Ric Shinnick (OTT). What a way to open the show!

GRAHAM GREENE BAND (GGB) WA’s maestro of instrumental rock guitar returns with his band to perform music from his acclaimed CD, The Guitar Vinci Code as well as live favourites not performed since the Guitar Gods IV concert with Kevin Borich in 2011. This set is not to be missed – GGB are on fire!
Featuring Graham Greene (ex Ice Tiger/Flash Harry), Jim Awram & Troy Brazier (Flyte, ex Siren)

ROKCHIX Featuring Donna G, Jaime Page and Craig Skelton (ex Siren), the ROKCHIX band performs a raging set of Classic Queens of Rock with music from Divinyls, Suzi Quatro, Joan Jett, Tina Turner, Heart and more! The centre piece of the ROKCHIX performance will feature a tribute to Chrissy Amphlett. You don’t want to miss it!

SPECIAL APPEARANCE WA Legend, Dean Denton and Holly Denton (D’Vision 2) will be joining in on the rocking fun and festivities. It’s going to be huge!

** All artists and production crew provide their services to Rock For MS this one time per year for free!

Tickets: $20 presale (or $25 at the door on the night) for this fun and energy packed event.
As always, all proceeds go to MSWA

Since 2013, we have raised in excess of $31,500 and hope to add another huge amount in 2017 to go towards Research and Development for a preventative for future generations and hopefully soon, a cure for MS!

JOIN US for ROCK FOR MS 5 – CRUSADE FOR A CURE on Saturday November 11 at The Charles Hotel – Let’s make 2017 a Great One!

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What is MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, neurodegenerative condition that affects the Central Nervous System (CNS). The body’s own immune system appears to attack the protective sheath of fatty protein, called myelin, which surrounds the nerves in the brain, spinal cord and the optic nerve. An attack results in inflammation and development of one or more lesions, resulting in scarring or sclerotic plaques, forming on the nerves. These lesions interfere with the nerve messages sent back and forward through the brain, and spinal cord.

Every person diagnosed with MS will experience it slightly differently, depending on the location, size and number of lesions formed and where they are located, as well as the type of MS. For some, sensations are altered while others experience difficulty with muscle strength and movement and can also affect a person’s capacity to process information as well as their emotions and vision can also be affected

The course of MS is unpredictable. Some people are minimally affected by the disease, while some may experience more frequent relapses leading to varying levels of disability.

It is not yet known what causes multiple sclerosis, or why it affects one person and not another. As a result, people with MS are often faced with uncertainty about the future.

Multiple sclerosis is the most common degenerative neurological condition diagnosed in young adults, with over 75% of people diagnosed under the age of 40.



As stipulated here on our website, as well as in our social networking promotions and advertising, All Profits go to MSWA.  Everyone involved with our fundraising efforts does so on a voluntary basis, no exceptions.  This is part of our well known "Rock For MS" pledge.  As we crusade for a cure, our only goal is to support people living with MS and other neurological conditions and we do so via the wonderful people and friends at MSWA.

Every dollar raised can help a person receive home help aids, mobility aids, afford them modified cutlery, provide a bluetooth or speakerphone modification, and even help to provide support for a professional Health & Lifestyle assessment and the development of an individual action plan to improve health, well being and a quality of life.  No amount is too small to support those living with incurable, unpredictable and debilitating neurological conditions.   Please join us.


  • Buy a ticket to the show and invite your friends to come and get involved with the festivities!


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All profits go to MSWA
There are two options for receipts:

A receipt is supplied by “SIREN Rock For MS” to Sponsors (any person or business with an ABN) who would like to contribute to the show.  In kind, we offer options to promote you or your business’s support of Rock For MS/Rock Against MS for the duration of the campaign throughout our social networking, press and promotions and live show. General business receipts will be issued immediately upon receiving your contribution. This receipt should be kept as a general tax receipt for your own advertising and promotions records.

Alternatively, all donations via Rock For MS of over $5 are tax deductible. MSWA receipts will be provided once funds have cleared and transferred. Please allow up to 14 days for response time.

Please note: Tax-deductible receipts are not available for the Rock For MS pendant, show tickets, auction goods, raffle tickets or items won. However, in conjunction with MSWA we are happy to provide an acknowledgement for auction winners to confirm their contribution has indeed been received by MSWA should they require it. If an acknowledgement is required, this must be arranged with one of our team members on the night of the show.